Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Going that extra mile.......

Another week down and I feel like I'm finally making some headway! I think I've spent three more days since my last post in at work making name tags, alphabet charts and covering books, just to name a few. All the while I've been thinking about the 'extra' things that run through your brain as you're doing these to make sure you go that 'extra' mile for the students in your class, who, whilst will remain nameless on this blog, become somewhat of your own children throughout the year.

When putting the names on their bag lockers, it ran clearly through my mind who I should put next to each other, to make sure that they had a friend near them......for a bag locker??....I can hear you saying it now, but it's what you think about as a teacher - especially a prep teacher! I was also trying to work out who the tall kids were in my class, to make sure they got a bag locker on the higher level. Then it came to adding stickers to their name tags and I just couldn't have the boys having pink stickers on theirs...or blue ones on the girls. I posted letters today to the kids in my class and made sure I added in a little note to those who had birthday either at the end of December or before we come back to school.

When school heads back, going that extra mile will be sending home 'Student of the day' notes (which, by the way, are photocopied and ready to write on....!) to make sure the kids and parents know that what they do gets noticed. Whilst this post is not one to gloat about what I do, it's more a look at what teachers in general do...outside of the supposed 'teacher's role'.

We go the extra mile because we love what we do. We don't get paid for it....but who became a teacher to make money?!

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